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Snark Attack

June 26, 2009

The Infrastructurist is a blog I added to my feed reader only recently, but I’ve been pretty pleased with it so far.  It does a great job of making a subject that would otherwise bore the shit outta of me – namely, infrastructure – engaging and, dare I say, even entertaining to read about.

Which is part of the reason I was surprised to find this little nugget buried in yesterday’s update:

Some group that claims to represent atheists has decided that now is the perfect time to start advertising on buses. (City Room).

Whoa, snarky much?

Yes, who would have thought that a marginalized segment of society – a segment that comprises just under 20% of the American population and growing – would choose now of all times to launch a publicity campaign?  Now, when previously-demonized groups like homosexuals are having their basic humanity recognized by an entire region of the country?  Now, when we’ve elected open socialists to CongressNow, when the first African-American President specifically reaches out to us in his Inaugural address?

In the short time I’ve been reading it, the blog’s authors have demonstrated a certain degree of nostalgia for past eras in American history.  It’s that kind of longing that forms the backbone of many of our nation’s more regrettable political and social ideologies (remember a time when them uppity Negroes knew their place?).  I’ll be the first to admit, however, that an article about demolished train stations is pretty weak evidence for anti-atheistic sentiment.  In fact, by the authors’ own admission, they’d been travelling for much of the previous week, and if they’re anything like me after a long journey, they’re probably feeling just a little bit cranky.

So, Infrastructurists, if your snarkiness is an unthinking slip-up born of exhaustion, I’ll be the first to forget it – your blog’s an interesting enough read for me to forgive the foible.  If, however, it’s evidence of something else, I humbly suggest you shove it – after all, you wouldn’t want to be outclassed by the likes of Ray Comfort, would you?

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