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Yeah right more like DUMBlr

April 12, 2010

I started a tumblr without really thinking about why I should start another bloggy-thing I don’t really update, but I think I’ve got a vague organizational structure I’ll try to outline here.

WordPress: Long-form essays, articles, rants, what-have-you. Things I have to sit down and think about as I write. Naturally, this will be updated not as frequently as the others.

Tumblr: Short-form. Longer than 140 characters, but which require an immediacy I can’t give a full-length blog post. Also, photos, videos, quotes, things that require little outside commentary on my part.

Twitter: Your daily dose of insanity. The great slush pile from whence may come tumblr and wordpress musings, but don’t hold your breath.

That’s how I’d like it to work, at any rate. Now to go snare me a muse and ride her til she bleeds ambition.

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